Welcome to Siberian Chill™ Gourmet Frozen Dispensed Slush Beverages. We offer more than 30 mouthwatering slush flavors including our Fruit Flavors, Frozen Cappuccino Products, Fruit Flavored Sugar Free Flavors, Holiday Flavors, bag-in-box juices, and bar mixes and beverage concentrates. All of our Slush Fruit Flavors are fortified with 100% RDA of Vitamin C in each 12 ounce serving. All of our Frozen Cappuccino Flavors have flavor profiles patterned after leading "coffee house" products with espresso coffee extracts. All frozen slush flavors are specifically formulated to produce a rich flavored, smooth textured, vibrantly colored frozen dispensed beverage that will please the palate of even the most discerning consumer. Our product, equipment support and training programs set us apart from all other competitors in the marketplace. Each retail/food service location receives in depth training that instructs each operator how to properly handle each detail related to the Siberian Chill Program. The success of the Siberian Chill Program is firmly based on the finest products available on the market today, coupled with marketing support for the retailer/food service operator, making the Siberian Chill Brand Family of Products the industry leader in this segment. Experience the Thrill of Ice-o-lation™ with Siberian Chill today!